Anderledy Lodge, Mary Mackillop Place

The Journey


Following in Mary MacKillop’s footsteps, Mary MacKillop Place is an oasis within the North Sydney business district – a place of pilgrimage, inclusion and welcome.


Created as a modern addition to this urban sanctuary, the new Anderledy Lodge complements the surrounding historical context of Mary MacKillop Place.


Viewed from within Mary MacKillop Place, Anderledy Lodge sits modestly within the larger scale North Sydney CBD backdrop, allowing Alma Cottage to take centre stage. From the William Street frontage, its scale provides a transition from the existing buildings on the corner of Mount Street, to the taller buildings of the adjoining School.


The elegant building façade is softened by cascading landscape treatments, including mature tree plantings, between the sandstone wall, punctuated linear Livingstone brick wall inserts and the façade. The building displaying a certain unassuming honesty; it doesn’t compete with the heritage buildings for attention.


This project fulfills a vision to deliver an architectural solution that is simple, ordered and has an understated elegance. It is a positive addition to the urban environment as well as to its setting.



May 13, 2022


$16 million


Sisters of St Joseph


January 2022