Moree Cemetery Master Plan

The Journey

GW embarked on a journey with Moree Cemetery in 2018 to create a timeless and legible master plan, that can be staged and adapted overtime whilst remaining true to core principles.


The design narrative focused on the analogy of the “journey” and a series of experiences and safe havens leading to the final sanctuary or “gathering space”.

A key consideration was the use of light, materials, textures and colours to evoke memories of the location and a sense of familiarity.

Visual and physical connection was created through reduced barriers and geometries that lead the eye across the space towards the wider context. Nodal points become places of gathering and social warmth.


The detail design parameters were setout with a focus on well-being and sustainability. Spaces were reserved to create shelter, water and amenity.


September 13, 2023




Moree Plains Shire Council

Date Completed