Northholm Grammar School Master Plan

The Journey

Over a period of 15 years, we have completed a Masterplan and 7 individual projects for Northholm Grammar School including The Lennon Centre, the Lower Field Sports Project, the Independent Learning Centre & General Purpose Learning Areas DA (Master Plan Stage 2), the BER Junior School, a Trade Training Centre, a Primary School and a carpark.


We have prepared several iterations of the masterplan, with the latest revision of the Masterplan prepared for the school in 2017. The key elements have been to provide carefully zoned facilities with visual connectivity within the campus.  Our intent has been to retain the simple rural scale as well as capturing the outlook to the unique natural bushland surrounds.


The following is a design statement from the Masterplan,


“The architecture should neither oppose nature nor prevent its occupants from enjoying the landscape and environment by use of natural daylight, winds, sounds, colours and even smells – stimulating to the senses and ‘healthy’ learning environments.


March 16, 2020


$35 million


Northholm Grammar School

Date Completed