St Paul’s Grammar School, Innovation Learning Centre (ILC)

The Journey

The Innovation Learning Centre (ILC) at St Paul’s Grammar School is a new collaborative teaching and learning environment, completed in 2023. GW. were commissioned to design the two-storey building upon successful delivery of the School’s 2019 Master Plan. The ILC features a range of flexible learning spaces that seamlessly integrate technology, to encourage proactive student engagement and transform knowledge sharing at St Pauls Grammar School.


Distinguished by its ‘floating’ roof and carefully designed clerestory glazing, the building captures abundant daylight, offers visual connectivity to the natural surrounds, and optimizes solar panel placement to minimize the environmental footprint. The external finishes and colour selections respond to the school’s existing colour palette and unify the site’s various architectural styles.


The specific flexible learning environments include:


  • Knowledge Centre/Library with associated Offices, Silent Study, Seminar and Breakout Spaces
  • Lecture Theatre and Tiered Seating
  • Multiple “Incidental” Open Learning Spaces
  • Student Services Centre
  • Mathematics (7)
  • STEaM – Combined Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (2)
  • Staff Faculty Area
  • Offices and Meeting Rooms
  • Separate staff and student amenities

June 28, 2023


$12m Construction Value


St Paul's Grammar School

Date Completed