Hope and Sanctuary Sculpture

The Journey

Dedicated to the promotion of dialogue around self-harm and mental health: To those struggling to find their peace, to the families who have suffered loss and to the people and organisations that offer support for the wellbeing of people.


The Hope and Sanctuary Sculpture was unveiled on Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September 2018 at Macquarie Park Cemetery by the Honourable Julia Gillard AC – Chair of Beyond Blue.


“A dichotomy exists in life – strength, resilience and stability represented by the upright recycled wooden post and fragility and vulnerability represented by the leaning liquid post poised on the loose rocks below. The concept of eternity equalises these opposing forces represented by the infinity symbol that is used to embrace and bring optimism”.

Toby Wetherill – Creative Artist and Architect


The kaleidoscope of various sized butterflies adorning the top of the sculpture circle the area to create dappled light as you might find in a woodland clearing. A simple seat by a reflection pool is a place for companionship with a surrounding sensory garden intended to evoke positive sensory memories which form part of our life journey albeit aromatic, touch, visual or auditory.


March 16, 2020




Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager

Date Completed



Community, Artwork